Government Support v Government Control

I wrote a couple of months ago about how many politicians hold strong beliefs on how things should be, based on both their conservative greed and their unrealistic traditional values that they want to enforce on others, adding to our collective inability to escape from Shouldland.

‘Democratic’ governments around the world are moving towards a deliberate acquisition of control over its citizens. At the same time they are reducing the amount of support that they give to their citizens, especially those with the greatest need for support.

This government support versus government control model has shifted out of equilibrium, seemingly with the blessing of the majority, and with the encouragement of both sides of the political spectrum.

Governments are increasingly trying to reduce the supports that it provides, with their motivation to reduce costs and their responsibilities. At the same time they are increasing controls, similar to that in the corporate world where the carrot and stick approach is the dominant form of motivation of its people.

To build a society that allows people to walk their own path, we need to reverse this trend. Governments need to decrease their attempts to control their citizens with their metaphorical ‘stick’. Stop telling people how to live their lives by legislating unnecessary, controlling laws.

A recent law passed in my state made it illegal for a child under ten years old to sit in a car without a ‘kiddy seat’, a booster seat with restraints designed for babies. This is taking road safety policy way too far, basically telling parents “you are not fit to make a sensible decision to ensure the safety of your child so we will do it for you”. This government would do better to ‘support’ those parents instead of controlling them by providing education of the advantages of the ‘kiddy seats’, and then providing the seats at a subsidized (reduced) price. Encourage them, don’t force them.

The public education system in my state is moving schools towards an autonomous structure, where the individual school has more of a say in how their organisation will run. Sounds good in theory, however the result is the worst of both worlds. Newly free and independent schools are finding that the support from the central government administration has been reduced in terms of funding and curriculum assistance. At the same time the controls have increased, with harsher punishments for things they don’t like dealt out by the same central government administration. They have got it the wrong way around.

Give me support over control every time… 

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One Response to Government Support v Government Control

  1. iamsofree says:

    sad sad world…..

    we are all owned by the governments…

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