Supposed to…

On a recent trip I spent a night with some old friends. A great chance to catch up with close members of my tribe who I haven’t seen for ages and who I love dearly.  It was also a great opportunity to reflect on how members of my own tribe live by their Shouldland beliefs.

These friends have many instances where their behaviour is dictated by the rules they are supposed to follow. Even worse, they eagerly attempted to persuade me to behave as I am supposed to as well. They obviously don’t know me that well!

Here are a few rules that I observed in 24 hours:

1. How hot or cold you are supposed to feel, and thus what clothes you should wear.

2. When and how much you are supposed to feel hungry, and thus what times you should eat and which foods you should enjoy.

3. Which television shows people of your ‘social class’ are supposed to watch and enjoy. Nothing too highbrow or too lowbrow is allowed.

4. Which sports teams you are supposed to support. People from city X should follow only team X, and people from city Y should follow only team Y.

5. The method of transport you are supposed to use. You should use your car rather than walking, even though the destination is only 30 minutes walk away and it’s a beautiful day. And heaven forbid you might want to use public transport – how working class!

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