Stop being an automaton

We all like to think that we wouldn’t have fallen for the peer pressure in the Asch experiments, and we would have given the obvious correct answer. We all like to think that had we been living in France during the Nazi occupation of WWII, we would have been among the 2% of people who were members of the resistance, quietly standing up to the Nazis, helping the persecuted. The odds are against it though.

Hindsight is a great thing. We can see the error of our ways and the errors of others throughout history. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your future wisdom to glimpse what you believe now, and how silly it will probably seem?

Unfortunately we can’t get instant hindsight to how we behave in the present. But we can act with intent. We can choose to no longer be an automaton. We can choose to no longer allow the brainwashing by generations of our tribe have any influence on us.

We WILL choose the correct answer on the Asch test, no matter what the strangers in the room say. We WILL choose to resist the Nazis in WWII France. And we WILL live our life OUR way and always do                       what is right.

I am leaving today on holiday, travelling around the Northern Territory in Australia. So if this and my next blog or two are a little shorter or less frequent than normal, I apologize but I will resume normal activity in a couple of weeks.

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One Response to Stop being an automaton

  1. trokspot says:

    We love to think we wouldn’t, but the classic Milgram experiment (along with Asch) says we probably wouldn’t. Milgram’s has been done several times more recently and it still happens…

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