Which to follow: the law or good morals?

There are times when morality and the law are on opposite sites. On these occasions I side with morality over the law. I am a law-abiding citizen but some laws are just ridiculous.

They exist because of illogical shoulds that have penetrated into the law. They may have been relevant at some historical time, but they certainly are not relevant in a more enlightened age. 

Some of the laws to do with a father’s rights to their children after divorce are just archaic and need to be changed. They are based on the belief that women are better at looking after children than men, and that women are not as capable at having a successful career as men. Both of these assumptions belong in Shouldland

One of the most despicable laws in Australia and many other parts of the world are the gay marriage laws. Now I’m not the biggest advocate for  marriage in the world, however I do know that if some adults are entitled to participate in marriage, then all adults are.

Consenting adults who happen to be homosexual (because they were born that way), and live in a same-sex relationship, have the same moral entitlement to marriage as a heterosexual couple. The sooner that laws are change to match the truth, the better our society will be.

In the old days a gay or lesbian person would bury their feelings and marry someone of the opposite gender, effectively living a lie, because it is what they are constantly told they should do.

Fortunately less and less people feel this obligation to live a lie, which as a result causes a lot of angst with their parents and other adults. In a weird way some people would prefer that they lived a lie than live outside Shouldland.

Check out these laws that advantage people based on their marital status (classic Shouldland), and feel free to mention any more examples of Shouldland in the law here.

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2 Responses to Which to follow: the law or good morals?

  1. trokspot says:

    I agree with you on this and would only add that consenting adults should be able to get married *regardless* of whether “they are born that way” or not! Identities, behaviors, attractions, and feelings sometimes change and are often not quite as “stable” as we like to think… So this should an individual’s choice regardless of how that person was born – if individuals are truly born one way or not to begin with!

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